Designated Charity

National Alzheimer's Association
The Improved Order of Red Men Great Council in 1990 adopted the Red Men and Pocohontas National Charity Program. It formed a partnership with the National Alzheimer Association, and we have raised $1,700,000 from 1992 until present to combat Alzheimer's Disease.

Our National Charity Program has had this result thus far in the accomplishment of the various Red Men Tribes and Councils by holding auctions, bingo, car washes, cookout bazaars, and special functions. Additionally, funds have been raised by car and truck shows, canister distributions, solicitations at shopping areas, various business donations, and individual Red Men and Pocohontas contributions. All funds collected are submitted to the National Alzheimer's Association, and nothing is kept for committee expenses.

The Improved Order of Red Men and Degree of Pocohontas are making a difference in the lives of Alzheimer patients, families and friends everywhere. As we continue to participate in the cause, cure and prevention of this disease, we stand commited to future progress in the fight of this dreaded disease.