Designated Charity

Our National Charity Program has had great results thus far in the accomplishment of the various Red Men Tribes and Councils by holding auctions, bingo, car washes, cookout bazaars, and special functions. Additionally, funds have been raised by car and truck shows, canister distributions, solicitations at shopping areas, various business donations, and individual Red Men and Pocohontas contributions. All funds collected are submitted to the National Charity Program, and nothing is kept for committee expenses.

The Improved Order of Red Men and Degree of Pocohontas are making a difference in the lives of veterans, their families and friends everywhere. Homes for our Troops builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severly injured post 9/11 veterans, enabling them to rebuild their lives. As we continue to participate in the cause, we stand commited to future progress in building homes for disabled veterans. 

The Improved Order of Red Men and Degree of Pocohontas also donate to Freedoms Foundation. Freedoms Foundation was established to create and build an understanding of the spirit and philoshopy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Each year Students and Teachers can receive scholarships and attend sessions to learn more of our nations history. Freedoms Foundation is located in Valley Forge PA.